Kantara May 2012
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Mission: Foster identity community harmonization, interoperability, innovation, and broad adoption through the development criteria for operational trust frameworks and deployment/usage best practices for privacy-respecting, secure access to trusted online services.

Vision: Ensure secure, identity-based, online interactions while preventing misuse of personal information so that networks will become privacy protecting and more natively trustworthy environments.


Accelerate marketplace adoption through clear messages, defined processes, and open community collaboration that brings vendors, deployers, individuals, and organizations together
Bring together technical, business, legal, and policy experience to achieve holistic & trusted identity management solutions

Establish an open and democratic governance model with no financial barrier to participation
Implement an operational structure with nimble processes, procedures, and oversight, and a viable financial model
Commit to open standards and encourage interoperable implementations from both the COTS product and open source development communities
Foster positive dialogue across all relevant organizations to assure coordination, harmonization, and re-use of all applicable open content (specs, policy, etc.)
Establish programs with strong branding for technical and operational output to promote interoperability, compliance and/or conformance

Kantara supports OpenStand – the Modern Paradigm for Standards .