InCommon Governance

InCommon Steering Committee

The InCommon Steering Committee is responsible for managing the business and affairs of InCommon, including oversight and recommendations on issues arising from the operation and management of InCommon. Policies and practices approved by the Steering Committee are available on the Policies page. We also have a list of current and past Steering members.

Steering Member


Term Ends
December Of:

Klara Jelinkova, University of Chicago (Chair) 2013 2015
Jack Suess, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Vice Chair) 2009 2014
Joel Cooper, Swarthmore College (Secretary) 2009 2014
Mark Crase, California State University System (Treasurer) 2010 2015
Dennis Cromwell, Indiana University 2014 2016
Michael Gettes, Carnegie Mellon University (Asst. Secy.) 2013 2015
Chris Holmes, Baylor University 2010 2015
Susan Kelley, Yale University 2014 2016
Ken Klingenstein, Internet2 (ex officio) 2004 ---
John O'Keefe, Lafayette College 2010 2015
Dave Vernon, Cornell University 2014 2016
Melissa Woo, University of Oregon 2014 2016
Bill Yock, University of Washington 2014 2014

John Krienke, Chief Operating Officer, InCommon
Steve Carmody, Brown University and Chair, InCommon Technical Advisory Committee
Steve Devoti, University of Wisconsin - Madison, InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee
InCommon Technical Advisory Committee

The InCommon Technical Advisory Committee provides recommendations relating to the operation and management of InCommon with respect to technical issues. See the TAC charter for more information.

Steven Carmody, Brown University – Chair
Tom Barton, University of Chicago
Jim Basney, University of Illinois
Scott Cantor, The Ohio State University
Paul Caskey, University of Texas System
Michael Gettes, Carnegie Mellon University
Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jim Jokl, University of Virginia
Ken Klingenstein, InCommon Steering Committee
Mike LaHaye, Internet2
Chris Misra, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Nick Roy, Penn State
David Walker, Independent
Ian Young, U.K. Access Management Federation

In Memoriam - RL "Bob" Morgan, University of Washington - The InCommon community wishes to express special acknowledgement to the life and work of RL "Bob" Morgan from the University of Washington, a leader of TAC until July 12, 2012, who gave so much of himself to creating the standards, policy and technology behind the InCommon Federation and charting our course for the future of identity in higher education. It was an honor to have him among us. He left us far too soon.

InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee

The Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC) is the oversight body of the InCommon Identity Assurance Program and advisory to the InCommon Steering Committee.

Steve Devoti, Chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison (IdP)
Warren Anderson, LIGO (SP)
Trisha Craig, Duke University (auditor)
David Crotts, Virginia Tech (auditor)
Jacob Farmer, Indiana University (member at large)
Doug Falk, National Student Clearinghouse (SP)
Chris Holmes, Baylor University (InCommon Steering)
Chris Spadanuda, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (IdP)
Ann West, InCommon/Internet2 (InCommon staff)

Subject Matter Experts (non-voting)
Debbie Bucci, National Institutes of Health/General Services Admin (member at large)
Ex-Officio (non-voting)
Tom Barton, University of Chicago (InCommon TAC)
Klara Jelinkova, University of Chicago (InCommon Steering


InCommon is operated by Internet2 staff, who are responsible for the business, policy implementation, technical operations, identity verification, and support of InCommon and its federation participants.